1. I just wanna cut so bad.


  2. I wonder if the first teachers who gave finals sat around and had a conversation along the lines of, “Hey, you know what would be a great thing to cause our students anxiety, depression, and chronic procrastination? Final exams/projects/etc. Plus, let’s make the month before it harder than all hell to make them even MORE stressed! :D”

    Dear teachers,

    Fuck. You.

    Final exams season is the time to chill and review everything we learned, NOT pile on project after project after project and make them all due the day of the final.


    Your Really Pissed/Anxious/Fucked Over Students


  3. Dear Friends,

    I’m sorry for saying the same things all the time. I know you’ve wanted to yell at me long before this.

    I’m sorry for always annoying you.



  4. I never look both ways before crossing the street. I’m not afraid of getting hit by a car anymore.

    In fact, I dream of it.


  5. I hate showers.

    They give me way too much time to think about myself.

    And how much of a failure I am.

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  8. boys-and-suicide:

    Someone would rather feel but not me